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Email Marketing

Email Marketing- Deliver Your Messages in Style Email Marketing Service Provider

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers and boost your conversion rates. With us, you can make use of many ways to make the most of this cost-effective and relatively simple method of email marketing that includes our Email Campaign services. We help you to get access to millions of potential new customers and create your email campaigns swiftly by letting you use the services of our email experts.

Ready to get started on your email campaign? Begin by building your targeted business or consumer email list.

Now, if you are thinking of starting an email campaign, then we suggest that you start by creating a business or customer email list. We have an Email Campaign Builder that offers you with hundreds of customizable templates.

The team knows that having talented designers matters a lot when it comes to designing an email campaign. This is the reason we have an internal team of creative experts who are trained to do just that. We take care of the creative design of your email campaigns so that you can focus on other parts of your business, like how to boost profits.

Why Is Every Business Choosing us for Email Marketing?

For return on investment, email may very well be the most cost-effective marketing channel ever invented. Other benefits include: Email Marketing Service Provider

Worth the Money

This is the most cost-effective method of marketing as the investment is low and you can get returns of 40:1.

Target Specific

Another reason a lot of businesses are turning to email marketing is that you get to choose from scores of demographic and firmographic criteria to reach a specific target market.

Swift Service

All the email marketing campaigns we design are put together in a few days so you can be sure you’ll not be kept hanging for weeks.

Regular Reports

We will provide you with tracking reports with information like how many emails were sent, how many of them bounced, how many were delivered, how many were opened and what was the number of click-throughs on the links added to the message.

Great Service

You can also trust experts to help build a list, design the email, ensure delivery and track the results. You need it; we’ll provide it.

Best Tools

Businesses can also trust us to use an industry leading business database and an email campaign generator to get the desired results.

Perfect Targeting

You can make use of more than 30 search selections we provide and couple them with geographic information to target the right audience for sales, marketing, and research initiatives. Email Marketing Service Provider in India, USA, UK, Saudi

Email Campaign Builder

Make use of our email campaign builder to create an email campaign you want swiftly and effectively or let our experts design one for you.

Trust Us and Never Regret it

Our experts have been successfully creating email marketing campaigns for years. So, they know every aspect of it and every tiny thing required to make it a success.

We Constantly Enrich Our Database

A team of experts, work consistently to develop and maintain a database that helps us to help you target the right customers at the right time.

Trust World Largest Email Marketing Provider.

Every year, InfoUSA deploys an average 25 billion emails for thousands of businesses and spends over $20 million collecting and verifying our contact data.

How We Compile and Verify Our Data

We use 29 billion records from over 100 different sources to aggregate our consumer database every year. We gather raw data from real estate and tax assessments, voter registration files, utility connects, bill processors, behavioral data, and other sources before we integrate dozens of proprietary enrichment sources.

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